shooting film and tell a different story...

my reasons for still shooting with the so called "outdated" technology

                             is also a declaration of love for analog photography:


              Salvadore, photographer since 1975



           IT SLOWS ME DOWN

One roll of 120 film only has 12 exposures in the format 6x6 ...

                              compared to the 10000+ jpegs you can store on a standard memory card

As a  film photographer I tend to get it right in camera also provides the added benefit of             not having to sift through hundreds of frames to choose the perfect composition


It produces a physical end product while digital data technology is not built                                                                                             to last forever  &  film images have character


There is no substitute for the smell and it can be a relaxing time away from light and noise                            just using the sense of creativity and silence


From start to finish I can create photographic negatives

                                                                                without the need for any electricity at all



With upwards of 6 billion photographs uploaded to just Facebook every month it is hard to                           stand out from the crowd.

If you are narcissistic enough for this to matter an way to be different is shoot film

                   and tell a different story to the world.

           IT "JUST LOOK BETTER"

                                                      is an absolutely subjective Salvadorian opinion, 

                                but I am not the only one


                                                 Sometimes you only see the result after many months,

                    but you have them all in your memory

          only BLACK-AND-WHITE FILMS

                                        have that exclusive quality of gravitas  “images made for the ages”  


          True values are timeless     ROLLEIFLEX TLR    


                                                                                        my workhorses from 1930 to 1967



          Hasselblad V System and Carl Zeiss lenses

                                                                                absolutely world-class and legendary     





            The meditation time in the darkroom

                                                  is one of the most enjoyable parts of my photography


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